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August 10, 2007


Mark Taylor

Just thought you would like to know that here in Detroit, when the media reported the unveiling of the Wings new jerseys, they were quick to point out that Detroit owner Mike Ilitch was personaly involved in the design process, rejecting 6 or 7 versions from Reebok before approving the final product. I had no doubt that the Red Wings organization would not make any drastic changes, given that they heven't even bothered with a third jersey (although if they did, I'd prefer a red one based on the design of the white (road)one.

Neil Maclachlan

I'm not opposed to the overall look of the new NHL jerseys and it seems it has prompted some of the teams with weak uniforms to change (in this case change is good) but in the case of classic uniforms that should not be messed with (like the Red Wings) the changes seem only to be in the cut or tayloring of the jerseys which is a good thing. Thank God!

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