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August 23, 2007


Charlie Pritt

Well as a Sabres fan all along I believe the spawning of the putrid slug was a result of some sort of litmus test RBK conducted as an experiment on RBK Edge styling and now the rest of the NHL gets to experience the same thing.

The logo is nice actually...the rest leaves something to be desired.

I've said it before, astute folks can care about the functionality of the new RBK Edge jersey on the ice but the average fan at a game could give two shits if his beer soaked authentic weighed a couple ounces less.

That slug is crap, and so is RBK who is shoveling it even more crap on the rest of the NHL.

The socks...just look at the back of the socks.


Hey Charlie,

Interesting point on the litmus test, never thought about that, it makes sense. Unfortunately due to the sabres jersey sales last year I think Reebok and the league figured they had a winner. We all know that the explosion was due to Buffalo fans being captivated by their team not by the slug. Hopefully they'll go back to the buffalo head in the near future or at the least they'll make another third jersey and do a retro one.



I work at Team Depot and we've been told there is going to be a huge shortage of these new jerseys. We actually think that the even higher price is not going to be good! For a sport that is trying to GET fans....sure finding ways to PUSH AWAY fans that already pay a high price.


I couldnt agree more!
I understand that Reebook wants to brand the jerseys but why does the logo on the back have to be so big?

The old jerseys looked good and there was nothing wrong with them. For some reason Bettman seems to hate the baggy look of some of his players. His original intent was to have Reebok design an even tighter fit where the jersey would be tucked in the hockey pants! Luckily the NHLPA intervened.

I think fans everywhere will keep buying the old style jerseys. After all I still have friends who proudly wear the old Nordiques and Jets jerseys. Long live vintage!

josh royston

hockey tops should be baggy. rbk dont have a clue. i put them over hoodys, like many do. if they asked the fans im sure they would prefer the normal jerseys.

Martin G.

I just bought an RBK Flyers authentic alternate 3rd jersey, and I love it! I am a lifelong hockey fan, and I love nostalgia. but I have to honestly say that these jerseys are slick. I love the light, yet strong weight of the RBK jerseys. Its still plenty big, but its just cut more like a shirt. I see the fashion touch they've added. I have received nothng but big props on the this jersey, and I will be adding a Sabres 3rd alternate to the collection. What i will say is that the 'Premiere' jersey WITHOUT pro twill numbers and letters sewn on is CRAP! That heat pressed on imitation is HORRIBLE and makes the rest of the jersey look REALLY cheesy! That being said, I really do love the look and feel of the NHL Rbk Edge jerseys. Step out of the 70's and get with the times !

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