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September 05, 2007



Frankly I'm glad it's not a "cool" design. Way too many teams are trying for "cool" in the new designs and unfortunately are creating "Oh my God, please take away my sense of sight" instead (Islanders, Capitals, and rumored Blackhawks jerseys, I'm looking in your directions).


Hey Matt,

Thanks for the mention of my View From the Igloo blog, I appreciate it. I fully agree with your assessment that Reebok is doing this solely for the money. They made a mockery of a lot of NCAA football uniforms and are doing it with NHL ones now too. It's really a shame.

-Jordan, View From the Igloo


Hey Drew thanks for taking issue with my use of the word cool. Let me clarify, I thought the Pens of all teams would be coming out with some new design, very different and flashy Rbk jersey. Luckily they didn't, cool was not the right word. Check out my previous rant on the EDGE:


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