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September 11, 2007



Look...everyone is bashing these jerseys. Even i was skeptical, but they honestly just look like jerseys from the 50's and 60's....i think they look awesome!

Everyone loves bashing them because no one is happy with ANYTHING thats new. i think Vancouvers vintage look is way better than the blue ones of the last few years. And i also think the islanders look great as well. very simplistic and un-pretentious.

While im not happy with RBK being in the NHL, i think they deserve a thumbs up for bringing back the old-time hockey look and for what theyve done with the new jerseys.


Point #5 is not valid my friend...these ARE CCM jerseys. Reebok owns CCM who owns Koho. Adidas owns Reebok by the way. I guess that makes these Adidas jerseys.



Correct Rbk bought CCM and KOHO. But I do not consider them the same companies as they have been sucked into a sneaker conglomerate. Having been through the M&A process several times I can assure you they are NOT the same hockey companies.



I can't agree with you about this for so many reasons

The reasons you list are ignorant and pointless and I quote..

1."Why buy one when your favorite player will be unrestricted at age 27 and leave the team. "

You can obviously say this about the previous jerseys as well. If thats the case, then why buy team jerseys to support your team or players at all?

2."Tighter fitting jerseys don’t look flattering on most hockey fans. The “old” baggy ones helped hide our beer guts and love handles."

Since when has any sports jersey been made to compliment the fan? I could swear it they're only design to benefit the players. Fans wear the jerseys to support there team, not as a fashion statement.

3. "What does a sneaker company know about hockey?"

Reebok is not just a shoe company. They have been making hockey jerseys, equipment, and the same for other sports for years now. They are obviously more than just a "sneaker company".

I'd argue more facts about them, but it's kind of pointless. You my friend, are just plain ignorant. If you like the old jerseys then by all means, wear them because it's not like they've been wiped off the face of the earth or anything. Bashing on the new jerseys just made you look foolish.


Thanks TAWYW, really appreciate your comments. you need to lighten up a bit, also check out this link:


And the most important reason these jerseys suck that the players don't like them. The moisture is staying inside the jersey and dripping into their pants and skates.


if you watch the games a white jersey is almost see through...the striping is totally different and looks stupid and on many jerseys they are not straight around but round off in the front and back it looks weird...look at the senators socks when they play there stripes like go down in the back? this is hockey and tradition is huge so rbk should stop trying to change something they know nothing about.

i just find it annoying because nothing was wrong with the old jerseys and if you did want to change the jersey material for performance sake dont change to some new age designs JUST CHANGE THE MATERIAL!

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